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How to Appeal Property Tax

Are you concerned that your property taxes are too high this year? Do you want to file an appeal on your commercial property tax assessment? Are you completely confused about how the process to appeal property tax works? You do not need to worry as The Wallach Law Firm can assist you. We have some of the best property tax appeal lawyers in the industry who will help you appeal property taxes successfully.

If you have decided to appeal your property tax, then it is best to hire the services of a professional property tax appeal lawyer. There are a lot of deadlines and paperwork involved in filing an appeal and the process can be complicated. Moreover, you need proper documentation and evidence to appeal property tax, which a lawyer can help you with. To learn more about filing property tax appeals or about the process to file property tax appeals, contact us today!

Want to Appeal Your Property Tax? Here is How You Should File an Appeal

At The Wallach Law Firm, we understand that the process to appeal property taxes can be confusing and frustrating. For many, the confusion begins even before they begin to file the appeal, as they do not even know where to start. The following explanation will help you better understand the process:

  • Before you can even appeal property tax, you will need to review the county assessor’s assessment and appraisal. A commercial property tax lawyer can help you with this and determine the areas where the assessment is incorrect.
  • After this, you will need to gather information and documentation to strengthen your case. This step will ensure that you have gathered enough evidence to support your opinion of the property tax assessment value.
  • If you disagree with the assessment made by the county assessor and want to appeal the property tax, you must obtain the right forms. These forms are available from the Board of Equalization website.
  • The necessary appeal forms are typically available from May 1 till the second Monday of July, every year. If you want to file an appeal, you must submit the forms prior to the deadline of the taxing County.
  • In addition the proper forms, you will have to submit evidence to support your opinion of the unfair property tax assessment. This is a crucial step when you want to appeal property tax, and a commercial property tax lawyer can help you with this.
  • If you are not satisfied with the BOE’s decision, you can then file an appeal with State Tax Commission. This must be filed within 30 days of the BOE decision or before September 30 – whichever comes first.
Appeal Property Tax in Missouri

Why You Need to Contact The Wallach Law Firm to Appeal Property Tax

As you can see, the process to appeal property taxes can be quite demanding. Moreover, to support your claims and to ensure that your appeal resolves in your favor, you need to gather and present all the right documents and evidence. Deeds, tax documents, property assessment documents, bills, etc. are just some of the documents that you need to appeal property tax successfully. Also, you will have to review the county assessor’s assessment and find out where the assessment has gone wrong. All these tasks are best done by a property tax lawyer.

To learn more about the process or for help filing an appeal, contact The Wallach Law Firm today at 314-997-4050. As experienced property and eminent domain lawyers, we will do our best to help ensure that your appeal is successful.

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