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Understanding the Process to Appeal Property Taxes

Realizing that your commercial property has been unfairly assessed and that you are paying unreasonably high taxes is the first step to appeal property taxes. Next comes the complicated part where you actually have to file an appeal to ensure that your commercial property is properly reassessed. The process to appeal property taxes in the State of Missouri requires a lot of paperwork and is often complicated for those unfamiliar with the formal procedure. Working with The Wallach Law Firm will make it much easier for you to appeal property taxes as we can guide you through the process.

A property tax appeal lawyer from our firm will help you review your property assessment and property taxes accurately before you begin to appeal property taxes. Our property tax appeal lawyers will make sure that you have the required evidence to make your case properly so that it is not rejected by the Board of Equalization. As the process to appeal property taxes can be quite difficult and confusing, The Wallach Law Firm will break down the process into easy steps for your benefit.

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The Steps to Appeal Property Taxes

Before you can begin to appeal property taxes, you need to have a brief understanding of the process involved. To learn more about how to appeal property taxes, you can attend some meetings and conferences conducted by the Board of Equalization (BOE) for the general public. In these meetings, you can learn more about BOE procedures, tax exemptions, and property assessments. You can also meet with a property tax appeal lawyer to learn more.

Appeal forms are available to anyone who disagrees with the County Assessor.  Appeal  forms can be obtained either in person from the County Board of Equalization or may be found on the BOE website. You must file your appeal timely. After submitting the proper forms, the following process applies.

Step 1: First, you have the option to have an informal conference where you will meet with an informal reviewer. It is not compulsory to hold such a meeting before you file an appeal with the BOE. However, it may be of benefit. This meeting allows you to discuss the County Assessor’s assessment. During this review, you can make a strong case by providing supporting documents and evidence. To schedule this meeting, you must make an appointment with the Assessor’s staff.

Step 2: The next step in the process to appeal property taxes is to meet with a hearing officer of the BOE and discuss the assessment. This step will end with the BOE making a decision on your case.

Step 3: If you are not in agreement with the BOE’s decision, you then have the option to appeal property taxes with the State Tax Commission.

Why You Should Trust The Wallach Law Firm to Help You Appeal Property Taxes

Appeal Property Taxes in Missouri

There are many deadlines and formalities involved in the process to appeal property taxes. This, combined with the amount of paperwork and technicalities involved, can be very overwhelming. This is where The Wallach Law Firm can help you. We will help you review and assess your property taxes thoroughly and gather the right evidence and documentation before you begin to appeal property taxes. Most importantly, we will make sure that you file everything within the deadline.

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