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Reasons You Need a Condemnation Lawyer

You have just received notice informing you that you must forego all existing property rights on a piece of land that belongs to you? How do you go about developing a case that can challenge the claims of the government? How to you ensure that you receive fair compensation?

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you are among many individuals who have experienced the same problem. In typical condemnation cases, individuals are often caught off guard by notices from the government that claim property rights. An immediate reaction is to settle the matter as soon as possible believing that you have no rights. However, the truth is that while individuals may not be able to prevent condemnation entirely, they do have rights that should be protected.

The Wallach Law Firm is an experienced law firm operating out of St. Louis, Missouri. We provide attorney services relating to eminent domain law and property condemnation. We understand that when it comes to eminent domain, cases can be confusing. Therefore, we strongly encourage individuals to seek legal advice before entering into property dispute proceedings. There are variety of ways in which a condemnation lawyer can improve your case and ensure that you receive the compensation and treatment that you deserve.

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How Can a Condemnation Lawyer Help You?

Before property can be condemned, proper processes need to be followed and documentation needs to be fully approved by a judiciary official. However, on many occasions, government bodies may attempt to circumvent property condemnation procedures in order to expedite the act of seizing property. Private developers may also work in tandem with government agencies to repossess property and further their own interests.

In spite of this, a condemnation lawyer can protect you from exploitation and ensure the proper processes are followed and your rights are protected.

Benefit from Professional Expertise & Experience
One of the most obvious reasons why individuals seek out condemnation lawyers is because they lack the technical expertise and knowledge required. They are unaware of the legal framework that surrounds property condemnation and require condemnation lawyers to brief and advise them. Any professional condemnation lawyer will explain to the client that when it comes to property disputes and condemnation, there is nothing necessarily set in stone.

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Ensure Fair Compensation
Another important reason why you should hire a condemnation lawyer is to learn whether the offer that you have received for your property is fair or not. The government often relies on the inexperience and lack of knowledge of individuals with regard to eminent domain law when making property condemnation proposals. They will propose poor offers that do not reflect the true value of a property.

A condemnation lawyer has extensive experience in dealing with relevant government agencies, and can help individuals submit counter-offers. It is important to understand that when an offer is made by the government, it is a negotiable one. A condemnation lawyer will have the necessary knowledge and network to assess and evaluate your property to discover its true worth.

Protect Your Rights without Costly Expenses
Many people refrain from hiring a condemnation lawyer believing it to be extremely expensive in the long run. This is a common misconception because a professional condemnation lawyer will usually work on a contingency basis. The fee that your condemnation lawyer claims for the services provided is typically a percentage of the compensation you receive for your property. As such, there is a never an instance where you will be unable to compensate your condemnation lawyer.

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Eminent domain law can be extremely complex and tricky. Regardless of what your experience of it may be, the financially prudent strategy is often to hire a condemnation lawyer who has the necessary expertise and experience to ensure that you are not exploited by the government. Condemnation lawyers from The Wallach Law Firm will work closely with you to protect your rights and arrange for appropriate compensation.

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