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Eminent Domain & Condemnation Attorneys in Missouri

Missouri Eminent Domain & Condemnation Attorneys

The mechanism of eminent domain has traditionally been used to seize land or property for public use projects such as the construction of highways, railroads, and public utilities. Additionally, eminent domain can be used for other projects, which benefit the public such as economic development projects.

'Condemnation' is the formal use of the power of eminent domain by the government (the transfer of the title from the private owner to the government). This process follows set legal proceedings ensuring that an individual’s rights are protected. However, the process of eminent domain can be complex and difficult to follow for those who are inexperienced.

While the government has the power to take your property for 'public use' under eminent domain, it must provide proper compensation and prove that your land is necessary for a project which benefits the public good. If you are involved in an eminent domain case, eminent domain attorneys can help you to understand your rights. To learn more about your rights in eminent domain and condemnation cases, contact the eminent domain lawyers at The Wallach Law Firm in St. Louis, Missouri.

More Details About Eminent Domain & Condemnation

When the government begins condemnation proceedings through eminent domain, it is an indication that the government plans to take over the ownership of a property for some type of ‘public use’ project.

After the government has begun the process of condemning a property by filing a condemnation action, the next step is to determine a fair market value for the property. The government will offer compensation in an amount that they deem to be fair. However, if the property owner feels this is inadequate, they can take the proceedings to trial to determine an acceptable and fair value.

Another possibility in condemnation cases is that the property owner can challenge the eminent domain on the grounds that the property is not being taken for public use, the condemner does not have the legislative authority to take the property, or that procedural or substantive steps have not been followed.

How Can We Assist You in Case of Eminent Domain & Condemnation?

If your property or land is being condemned under eminent domain, it is important to realize that you do have rights. The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution protects the rights of those whose property has been confiscated under eminent domain, as it states that the government cannot acquire any private property without giving the owner 'just' compensation. Just or adequate compensation does not refer to what the government thinks is adequate, but rather it refers to the ongoing valuation for your property or land in the market.

The Wallach Law Firm has successfully helped many individuals claim proper compensation in eminent domain cases. We will help you determine a fair value and present your case in a favorable light, so that you can receive the money you deserve for your property.

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The Wallach Law Firm has successfully helped many clients obtain adequate compensation from the government in eminent domain cases. We have worked with cases regarding commercial, agricultural, residential, and religious properties. As your eminent domain attorneys, we will review your case and help you understand what your rights and options are.

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