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Firm Overview: About Our Experienced Property Attorneys in Missouri

Entering into legal battles when it comes to property tax or condemnation law can be extremely cumbersome and taxing unless you have the right representation to aid you. Serving clients throughout Missouri since 1970, The Wallach Law Firm originally has since become one of the most reputed property attorney firms within the state of Missouri. Over the course of the last four decades, we have helped numerous clients settle their eminent domain/condemnation and property tax cases. Our list of clients includes homeowners, religious institutions, educational institutions, government agencies, hospitals, regional and local businesses, as well as international companies. If you are in search of a property attorney to aid you in a property dispute, The Wallach Law Firm should be at the top of your list.

What makes The Wallach Law Firm stand apart from other property attorneys is our experience and our exceptional work ethic. We believe that every case in unique and requires new principles and strategies.

When it comes to property law, there are no substitutes for hard work and thoroughness. We have consistently displayed excellent work ethic and our record speaks for itself.

To learn more about our firm or for a free initial consultation and review of your case with our property attorney, contact us today!

Why Choose a Property Attorney from The Wallach Law Firm?

There are a number of factors that you will need to consider when choosing a property attorney to represent you in a condemnation/eminent domain case. The first of these is the experience a property attorney has.

Having been serving clients in the area of property law for over four decades, we have garnered the necessary experience and reputation within the industry to skillfully represent you during a property dispute. We have extensive experience as trial lawyers in the courtroom, and belong to local, state, and national trial associations. The experience we have gathered serving as property attorneys over the years has turned our firm into one of the most skilled and well-recognized firms in the state.

A Unique Edge
One of the highest privileges a property attorney can experience is to be selected in to the American Property Tax Counsel. Our firm was honored with that privilege. The American Property Tax Counsel is a property attorney community that brings the most successful and talented lawyers together to share and discuss appeal strategies, legal precedents, expert witnesses, and case decisions.

The knowledge and expertise we gain from being part of this exclusive community gives us a unique advantage as we enter into property disputes. Moreover, the privilege of being invited into the American Property Tax Counsel is not something every law firm enjoys. Only a single law firm from every state is selected to be part of this community, and The Wallach Law Firm is proud to represent the State of Missouri.

Every property attorney has a particular philosophy that he/she abides by. This is important because a property attorney must have strong convictions and beliefs, which he/she should be able to effectively communicate in the court of law. The Wallach Law Firm promotes a philosophy of hard work and careful planning among our property attorneys. As a result, our clients receive the finest and most comprehensive legal representation. In fact, this philosophy has secured us such success that many of our competitors choose to settle outside the court of law, offering our clients satisfactory deals.

Both of the property attorneys at The Wallach Law Firm are highly respected as eminent domain lawyers and real estate lawyers, having received and maintained many recognitions, memberships, and awards. These include the "Ascending Lawyers" title in 2006, "Best Lawyers in America" from 2007 to 2014, "Best Lawyers in St. Louis" from 2007 to 2014, as well as being included in the Woodward/White's list of Best Lawyers in America.

Contact a Property Attorney at The Wallach Law Firm Today

If you are facing a dispute regarding eminent domain/condemnation, property tax law, municipal law, zoning, or a related dispute, do not hesitate to get in touch with an experienced property attorney at The Wallach Law Firm today. Contact our eminent domain lawyers online or by phone at 314-997-4050 to discuss your case and review your options.

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