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Hire Accomplished Property Attorneys in Missouri

Eminent domain and property tax law can be complex, filled with complicated details and regulations. Therefore, it is not something the layman should attempt to engage in without the help of reputable property attorneys with extensive experience.

On many occasions, individuals, companies, and agencies are disadvantaged by the rules and regulations that surround property law, and do not have the required knowledge and expertise to battle property claims. The legal framework that surrounds cases relating to property within the State of Missouri can be hugely difficult to navigate unless you are assisted by property attorneys who have years of experience in the practice.

The Wallach Law Firm has developed a reputation as being one of the most reliable and professional eminent domain and property tax law firms within the State of Missouri. Our team of property attorneys have gained experience from working with clients across the State of Missouri and enjoy exclusive memberships to local, regional, and national legislative assemblies and associations. Our property attorneys are experts in the fields of eminent domain/ condemnation law, property tax appeals, business litigation, land use and zoning, and municipal law.

To learn more or to consult with one of our property & eminent domain lawyers regarding your case, contact us today online or by phone at 314-997-4050.

How Our Property Attorneys Can Help: Our Practice Areas

At The Wallach Law Firm, we understand that every case is unique and cannot be treated in the same way. When it comes to property law, the best way to prepare yourself for a case is through diligence and hard work. Therefore, our philosophy is premised on this fact regardless of what type of case we handle. Our practice areas include:

St. Louis, Missouri Property Attorneys & Lawyers
  • Eminent Domain / Condemnation - This particular field relates to cases where a condemning authority attempts to seize and re-possess private property. When a claim like this is made, an individual typically feels powerless to counter it. In many cases, the condemning authority will aim to pay the least amount of compensation to individuals in exchange for the property they are seizing. The Wallach Law Firm's property attorneys have encountered much success in taking such agencies to trial and securing just compensation for property owners.
  • Property Tax Appeals - Property tax is directly related to the valuation of your property. On many occasions, the assessor will overvalue your property, forcing you to pay heavy taxes that may adversely affect your financial scenario. Missouri Law allows such individuals to appeal against unfair property taxation. At The Wallach Law Firm, our property attorneys can assist clients in valuing their properties appropriately and reducing the taxes they are required to pay.
  • Business Litigation – Businesses today face many types of legal disputes. Whether regarding contract disputes or fraud, businesses and corporations need to have an attorney they can trust. Our attorneys have experience handling many different types of business litigation cases, and we can represent your business to ensure your interests are protected.
  • Real Estate Litigation – There are many different types of cases, which can fall under the category of real estate litigation and most of these revolve around property valuation. The experienced real estate attorneys at The Wallach Law Firm can work with clients on all of these types of cases. We have extensive experience when it comes to property valuation, and can assist you in any types of property valuation and litigation matters.
  • Zoning and Land Use - On many occasions, legal technicalities will force individuals to limit the way in which they can use their land. It is important to be aware of the framework surrounding land use so that you are not disadvantaged when it comes to using your land. The property attorneys at The Wallach Law Firm can help you take matters into your own hands by appealing against limiting land use regulations.
  • Municipal Law – The property attorneys from The Wallach Law Firm are also well versed in municipal law relating to the State of Missouri. Changes in zoning and municipal regulations can ruin or stunt the way in which you use your commercial or residential property. Our property attorneys can help you remain up to date with relevant procedures and regulations and provide a defense on your behalf against limiting regulations and laws.

Choose Property Attorneys from The Wallach Law Firm Today

If you are facing a property valuation dispute or have received a notice of seizure from a government body, we encourage you to contact the property attorneys at The Wallach Law Firm today, so we can begin preparing your case immediately. Contact us online or by phone for a consultation and review of your case.

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