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What Does a Real Estate Law Attorney Do?

A real estate law attorney, like the ones at The Wallach Law Firm, will ensure that all transactions related to real estate are legally accurate. This will help avoid real estate lawsuits and will also help clients face and fight litigation in the case of lawsuits. A real estate law attorney is well versed in the real estate laws of the state and can help protect you in any type of real estate related litigation. Because these laws can be extremely complex and difficult to understand, you should never tackle real estate lawsuits and transactions on your own. In addition, documents and contracts related to real estate transactions can be quite complicated and vague. From this is where most lawsuits can arise. An experienced real estate law attorney can review such documents to protect your interests before you agree to anything.

If you are looking for an experience real estate law attorney in St. Louis for any type of legal issues or other real estate related problems, The Wallach Law Firm can help. As experienced property and eminent domain lawyers, we can ensure your interests are protected. Contact us today to learn more.

Why You Need a Real Estate Law Attorney

The Wallach Law Firm has one of the best real estate law attorney teams in Missouri. We have years of experience helping clients to achieve positive outcomes in real estate lawsuits. We have also helped numerous clients avoid real estate related lawsuits and have helped them ratify all real estate related transactions. Regardless of the issues or situation you may be facing, our real estate lawyers can provide the legal support you need to ensure your interests are protected.

Types of Lawsuits Real Estate Law Attorneys Can Handle

The following are some common types of real estate lawsuits with which a real estate law attorney can help:

Missouri Real Estate Law Attorneys
  • Land Disputes and Zoning: Sometimes lawsuits or other issues can arise when the government enforces strict zoning laws or when it forces property owners and developers to follow overbearing regulations to obtain permits. A real estate law attorney can help you fight such lawsuits and will help you obtain the best outcome.
  • Condemnation: When a private property is condemned under eminent domain law, many times, the property owner will not agree with the amount of compensation offered. Your real estate law attorney will help ensure that you receive the fair compensation to which you are entitled.
  • Fraud and Non-Disclosure: This is one of the most common causes for real estate lawsuits. These cases occur when the seller of a property has purposely hidden or failed to disclose defects within the property. In these cases, a real estate law attorney can help the buyer obtain compensation from the seller.
  • Foreclosure: Unfortunately, foreclosures are very common these days. A real estate law attorney can help property owners fight foreclosures and protect their rights.
  • Disputes with Brokers and Agents: Real estate agents are often dishonest and do not care about their clients’ well-being or financial interests. As a result of this breach of duty, errors and omissions can occur. They may also pressurize the client to buy an unfit property. A real estate law attorney can help clear all of these issues.
  • Title Disputes & Issues: In some cases, the sale of property may be interfered with or stopped altogether due to unsettled property claims and other real estate issues. A real estate law attorney can help to resolve these issues and clear a property title.
  • Disputes with Neighbors: Disputes with neighbors can arise due to boundaries, construction work, fences, nuisance, etc., and a real estate law attorney can help negotiate and settle such disputes.

Contact The Wallach Law Firm for a Real Estate Law Attorney in St. Louis

Are you facing real estate related lawsuits and do you need a real estate law lawyer to protect your interests? Call The Wallach Law Firm today at 314-997-4050 or contact us online for a review of your case by our real estate law attorney.

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