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Are Your Real Estate Property Taxes Unfairly High?

With real estate values fluctuating, the unsettled economy, and various impending government bankruptcies, it is not uncommon for local governments to try to raise revenue for municipalities and government agenda through unfair assessment of residential and commercial taxable properties. It is therefore a good idea to immediately take action if you believe that your real estate property taxes are unfair.

A report by USA Today revealed that real estate property taxes have increased by an average of twenty percent since 2006 burdening property owners throughout the country. Another report by the National Taxpayers Union revealed that around thirty to sixty percent of taxable properties in the US are assessed higher than their fair market value. Adding to the already grim situation is the fact that fewer than five percent of these taxpayers take action and file property tax appeals against unfair real estate property taxes.

Real Estate Property Taxes | Property Tax Attorneys

If you feel your real estate property taxes are too high, it is important to review the proposed value assessment thoroughly. Real estate attorneys can help by reviewing your property valuation assessment, and if they determine unfair assessment, can assist with the appeals process.

As leading property tax and eminent domain lawyers, The Wallach Law Firm has successfully helped many commercial and private real estate owners in Missouri reduce their unfair real estate property taxes.

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What Can You Do When Your Real Estate Property Taxes Are Unfair?

The state allows taxpayers the right to appeal against unfair real estate property taxes in front of the Board of Equalization. If this does not provide a favorable outcome, you can also carry the appeal forward to the Missouri State Commission.

Appeals against unfair real estate property taxes must be made within a preset time frame, and therefore, when you feel your real estate property taxes are unfair it is important to contact a professional attorney immediately to review your case.

Find Help Appealing Real Estate Property Taxes at The Wallach Law Firm

The Wallach Law Firm has over three decades of history helping individuals, organizations, and businesses in Missouri fight unfair real estate property taxes. Over this time, we have achieved many successful outcomes. We utilize strategic steps when addressing the problem of real estate property taxes, and based on individual cases, we can provide customized services.

Ways in which we can assist in appealing property taxes include:

  • Reviewing the Notice of Proposed Value: Our attorneys will conduct a thorough review of the notice of proposed value you receive for your property to make sure there are no instances of over assessment leading to unfair real estate property taxes.
  • Corroborating Accuracy: Over the years, we have noticed that one reason why your real estate property taxes are high may be a simple discrepancy in the data stored with the county. We will cross check your property's data with the website of Missouri's appraising body.
  • Conducting Market Research: Similar taxable properties in your area must be on the same tax rate as you. We will gather comprehensive details about comparable properties to strengthen your case while making a property tax appeal.
  • Consolidating Supporting Evidence: Your properties financial data, conditions of the building and neighborhood, commercial revenue, rent, vacancies, as well as supporting data of comparable properties are gathered and used when appealing against the unfair real estate property taxes levied on you.

Contact Us to Explore Your Legal Options for Unfairly High Real Estate Property Taxes

If you would like to have the some of the best attorneys in Missouri review, corroborate, research, and consolidate all information needed to appeal your property's assessed value, contact us today. We will review your case and if necessary, fight for you to ensure fair property taxes for your commercial or residential property.

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