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Why You Need a Lawyer who is Experienced in Zoning Laws

The government affects the way we live our lives through a number of laws, restrictions, and regulations. Zoning laws are among these laws. They influence property use including what and how we build on land and what use we put it to. Zoning regulations are put into place by the federal and local governments to homogenize neighborhoods and systematically plan for city development. However, this can sometimes interfere with our right as citizens to own property and use it as we wish. In some cases, new zoning laws can cause considerable hardship on land or business owners.

If you are facing issues with zoning laws and restrictions that put an unfair burden on you, it is important that you fight for your rights. Lawyers with experience in land use litigation can be very helpful when it comes to protecting the rights of individuals that are in conflict with zoning laws. To learn more or to consult with our lawyers about your zoning issues, contact The Wallach Law Firm today.

Combating Unfair Zoning Laws: How Lawyers Can Help

Real estate and zoning lawyers are experienced in dealing with government organizations on behalf of a business, corporation, or individual. Legal dealings related to zoning laws and regulations can be intimidating and overwhelming for an individual who lacks experience and understanding of the law. Therefore, these individuals stand a great chance of losing due to ignorance. Also, since land use and zoning laws are subject to change, it is difficult for an individual to keep up with the dynamism in this legal area.

Lawyers who are experienced in dealing with zoning laws and other related issues can offer the following services and advantages:

  • Perform research on existing land use and zoning laws.
  • Appeal a case before the appropriate governmental bodies and be present at hearings.
  • Possess a complete understanding of zoning laws and be able to understand the dilemma of the client and represent effectively.
  • Understand the laws that govern variances, conditional use, and rezoning and be able to draft an application for exemption to the zoning authority, city council, and planning boards.
  • Handle non-conforming disputes with skill and in-depth knowledge.
  • Strategize and plan the litigation in order to reclaim the rights of the property owners.
  • Understand the challenges that are faced by property owners.
Missouri Zoning Laws: Zoning Code Lawyers

The Wallach Law Firm: An Excellent Choice for Zoning Law Litigation

Serving the industry since 1970, The Wallach Law Firm has vast experience in handling land use and zoning related litigation and cases in Missouri. We have in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of how zoning laws and regulations function and possess the requisite experience in dealing with government authorities at the local, state, and federal level. We have successfully represented many businesses and individuals in land dispute and zoning cases.

The lawyers at our firm are seasoned in the field of land use and zoning laws. We are highly qualified to handle any case. As land use and zoning specialists, we can help you gain a variance from zoning regulations, get approval for rezoning, and even fight your case for failing to comply with the current regulations. Our lawyers can make an airtight case showing the hardship caused to you by restrictive zoning laws often leading to an approval of variance. Whether you case involves an appeal for variance, rezoning, non-conforming property, or litigation with the zoning committee, we will make certain that all of your issues are heard and will prepare a compelling case that works in your favor.

Contact Us to Learn More About Combating Zoning Laws

If you are facing restrictive and unfair zoning laws and regulations on your Missouri property, the lawyers at The Wallach Law Firm can help. Contact our real estate and eminent domain lawyers to learn more about our legal services and how we can assist with your zoning and land use issues.

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